Dressing the part

You are encouraged to play a part in this Tudor evening. It is a chance to step outside of our 21 century reality and go back to a time of fancy and formality. The outline of the period's attire can be found  here

To get a flavor for the evening visit  the Pinterest page.

If you are a costume enthusiast, you may choose to a head-to-toe period ensemble. You might order a ready-made outfit or rent the full Tudor costume. Follow suggestions in the first section below Full Tudor. 

If you feel inspired by the aesthetic, you might choose something with the right lines in  your closet. Follow the trends of the period mimicking hem lines, bodice, cuff or collars. Perhaps you might think about a Separates links below. 

Not everyone is enthusiatic about costumes. There is a section on the RSVP page to share your level of costume commitment. It will give us an idea of how to stock the accessories table which will supply a section of fun period extras to help you get into character when you arrive. See Accessories below for ideas.

A list of period characters below for your inspirations.

Characters of the Period


Elizabeth of York, Elizabeth 1, Katharine of Aragon , Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Katherine Parr, Mary Tudor, Mary Queen of Scots (Mary Stuart), Lady Jane Grey, Mary Boleyn, Bess of Hardwick


Henry VIII, Henry VII, Thomas Cromwell, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Thomas More, Thomas Cranmer, Robert Dudley, William Shakespeare, Sir Francis Drake, Francis Bacon

In the royal household: 

Squire, Court jester — Will Kemp, Magician/wizard/astrologist/alchemist (John Dee, Queen Elizabeth’s astrologer), Lady in waiting, Master of the horse, Musicians, Artists


Shakespearean plays, Legend of King Arthur revered: , King Arthur, Lancelot , Guinevere, Lady of the Lake, Merlin

  Full Tudor

You are on board with the theme and really love to dress up. Here are some links for fully embracing Tudor period costumes. Please leave AMPLE time for shipping


You love a good party and go along with a little playful theme exploration. Ideas below on how to get into the theme or follow this link.  

Think separates & layers; purchase a period top or bottom or find something from your closet with the right lines. 

Full skirts for the ladies, bell sleeves, wraps, headband or crowns. Gentlmen wore tights, breeches and boots, linen tunic, frilled collar and cuff, a doublet or short jacket and cap with feathers or jewels. Capes and hats were always appropriate and lots of jewelry, especially pearls.  

Add to your own elemental interpretations.   


Wear something you are comfortable in that is festive. When you arrive peruse the props & accessories table, there will be options to help you fit right in.

 Keep in mind the trends of the period, 

long skirts or tunic dresses for the ladies. Ornate fancy fabrics for the royals and hats were essential part of everyday life. For gentlemen wear a tapered pant and a loose linen top or chemise top and hat. If you are in need styling assistance, reach out to the Alchemist@TudorRevel2023.com