Imagining the era

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A list of Tudor women and men in court

Characters of the period


Elizabeth of York, Elizabeth 1, Katharine of Aragon , Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Katherine Parr, Mary Tudor, Mary Queen of Scots (Mary Stuart), Lady Jane Grey, Mary Boleyn, Bess of Hardwick


Henry VIII, Henry VII, Thomas Cromwell, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Thomas More, Thomas Cranmer, Robert Dudley, William Shakespeare, Sir Francis Drake, Francis Bacon

In the royal household: 

Squire, Court jester — Will Kemp, Magician/wizard/astrologist/alchemist (John Dee, Queen Elizabeth’s astrologer), Lady in waiting, Master of the horse, Musicians, Artists


Shakespearean plays, Legend of King Arthur revered: , King Arthur, Lancelot , Guinevere, Lady of the Lake, Merlin

Stream any number of the below period films or documentary to get you in the Tudor mood or for costume inspiration.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age